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And if we invite sensuality ?

Tuesday, May the 9th, 2017

And if we forgot the news to escape and dream to see our skins caressed by the sun's rays? And if we tried the sensuality of the beautiful days which takes time to arrive ?

Become attached to the pleasure of the senses and (re) discover to soft materials, poetry of sounds, spring smells, feminine curves, wadded atmospheres, veils of silk ...

We invite you to pause and reflect on this theme. Take a closer look at each direction and measure the importance they occupy in your daily life ... They are part of these little pleasures that punctuate your days! Find our range of feelings, studied especially for you! 

Touch with your fingertips

To caress the velvet of a cushion like a peach skin, admire the generous curves of a wall lamp, get drunk with the smell of a candle ... invite sensuality in our interior decor and in our lives !

Full view

Find sensuality here as the majority of us imagine at first ... the couple, the images and the fantasies that are linked to it. Romy and Delon, a legendary couple, perfectly represent this timeless and universal sensuality. Until June 7th, embark with them and dive into their intimacy for an exhibition, 'Amants Magnifiques'.

Les Amants Magnifiques Exposition - Romy Schneider & Alain Delon - Galerie de l'Instant in Paris - Until 7th of June 2017


Discover our selection of sensual music! To start, why not Five Minutes from Her?

 Good taste

The setting and the view, the comfort of the seat, the material of the table, the music that goes in the background, the dressage of the plate, the smell that the food gives off ... and the memory that the moment inspires ... in the kitchen, all our senses are on the alert.

The smell reigns

The flowers are charged with a sensual power, which becomes even mesmerizing. They have the power to create desire: we breathe them, we contemplate them, we get drunk on them ... a simple way to tint our interior of sensuality! Peonies or white carnations: find our tips to give a touch of poetry at home in our book So Be Style.

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