At Maison Sarah Lavoine, home is sacred !

Monday, June the 19th, 2017

Because we know the importance of a cocoon, an environment. Because we all have moved in, moved out, changed the country or area. Because we know how important it is to create its own place and to appropriate its own world. Because our home is a sanctuary, a haven of peace, where we give up everything of our frantic lifes. Because it is our own place and it is important to feel great. 

In the marathon of happiness, our environment plays a key role.
Whatever the location, the surface, the layout, and the decoration, each maintains a particular bond with his house.
It reflects family, sharing, living together...The walls are filled with memories, each piece is telling a story.

The sound of the keys in the door, the softness of an entrance, the drawing of a living room, the simplicity of a child's room, the light of a bathroom, the smell of a kitchen... are so many small pleasures that are soothing and comfortable.

The Words Wall of the House embodies all of this.
Universal term, the "house" includes an anthology of synonyms: den, robbery, gite, nest, home, cottage, zonmai... Our two last tote bags, The Words Wall and Zonmai and our box of matches are born from this symbolism : to feel at ease as home !

Welcome to our home ! 

At Maison Sarah Lavoine, home is sacred !