Wednesday, February the 6th, 2019

Maison Sarah Lavoine takes you into a collection that dares blending blues to create harmony in your daily life.  

The Blues are more than ever present in this new collection, in symbiosis with nature. A nature in all these states, moving, impalpable and present from dawn to dusk. We thus find wonderful variations of blue highlighting original pieces, furniture with noble materials that give us emotions and a desire for infinite...  

New forms that support its timeless design, Blue Collection is defined by the search for a real know-how and the work of association of rich materials.

This (R)evolution of the Blue is also an immersive ride bluish intense shades punctuated with yellow and pink colors. Maison Sarah Lavoine recreates a universe of subtle blues in which the tones engage a real dialogue: we dare to mix some blues (Broadway, Blue Sarah Lavoine, Minuit, Orage, Archipel, Orange Bleue, Aqua ...) for fresh, strong and unpublished associations. 

The Double Jeu Chair has clean lines and rounded curves. A new personality is born thanks to a real technical development that makes it airy and elegant with a marriage of velvet silky and luminous. 


Carpets like paintings. The collection testifies to this ode to the color and the blues. From Boro carpets to Grand Bleu à la bande à part, the pieces are distinguished by their techniques to the hand, a real promise of quality. 


The raffia as a beautiful story of braiding made by associations of women in Madagascar and in Uganda. We discover many accessories both colorful and warm, hand-crafted to give life to baskets, placemats or candles. 


The cushions Boro, Double Jeu, Dosido take again the art of the color and like paintings they affirm the character of your interior. Noble materials and intense colors make up these new pieces of linen, cotton and velvet with unique details. 


Ceramic Carrousel offers you fresh and subtle tables. A dish whose application is made by hand with a brush and with which the art of receiving makes sense. 


The Sicilia collection is growing in blue Broadway and Green shades. With its cotton lampshade and its ceramic foot, this elegant lamp dresses the interiors by diffusing a sweet light. 


The deckchairs and outdoor cushions complete the collection with playing pop colors and iconic stripes. These timeless colors combine with waterproof and water-repellent fabrics to give life and warmth to our exteriors.   


"Blue Collection" represents this oxygen inherent to life, this need to escape and open up to a field of possibilities. One apprehends more the notion the infinite with envy and especially pleasure.