Cannelés Bordelais

Thursday, July the 19th, 2018

An easy recipe(takings) to treat youngs and big!

To realize 15 canelés:

1/2 l of milk 1 pinch of salt 2 whole yellow eggs and 2 1/2 pod of vanilla 2 soup spoon of rum 100 g of flour 250 g from sugar to powder 50 g of butter (+ 50 g to butter molds(mussels))

To start with, boil the milk with the vanilla and the butter. During this time(weather) mix the flour, the sugar, then incorporate eggs, then pay(pour) the boiling milk.

Mix slowly to obtain a fluid dough, let cool, then add the rum, put back(hand) to the refrigerator the 1 hour.

Preheat your oven in 270°C, pay(pour) the dough cooled well in molds(mussels) up to half, leave them with the oven during 5 minutes, then change the thermostat in 180°C and let cook during the 1 hour.

Last stage, to taste them accompanied by vanilla ice cream in our soup plates Sicilia.