Color, comfort, light ...

Friday, April the 14th, 2017

Color, comfort, light, Sarah Lavoine gives us her style keys!

Interview of Sarah Lavoine by Ségolène Wacrenier - Madame Figaro

After a collaboration with Sézane, the interior designer signs wallpapers for Nobilis and "redesigns" the Spring of the House. 

She gives us her five stylistic obsessions.

The color ? 

You must not be afraid of color, on the contrary, you have to know how to have fun with it. I use it a lot. Obviously blue - mine - yellow, pink . But also black, because it is a color that highlights what is magnifying and hides what should be. When I use very strong colors, I always mix them with white or black to soften them. For the 36 paintings in my Ressource painting range, I was inspired by Luis Barragan, the Mexican architect of color. It's a pleasure working on those intense hues that magnify space and play with light - they have a different strength depending on the brightness. "

The comfort ?

"In an apartment, a hotel, an office - currently those of l'Oréal - I work first so that people feel good, that it is comfortable, warm. The secret is to imagine a real place of life each time, not just a decor for it to be pretty in photo. We must think about living in the place we imagine. It must be alive and timeless: the more the place skates, the more beautiful it is. One finds there always games of mirrors, very comfortable sofas, natural materials ... - wood, linen, cotton. As in Sarah Lavoine House, Place des Victoires. "

The decoration of a table ?

"I appreciate the mix of genres and colors and I wanted to create a table art collection. I started with Bernardaud imagining a classic collection and bringing my personal touch, a bit ethnic. Soon, I wanted to create my own collection of plates and tableware with the French house of Jars ceramics. It is a contemporary line and very colorful: we have fun changing, mixing colors between them. Currently, I work with them for scented candles: white and black ceramic pieces, but always with a hint of color. The pots will be beautiful, we can then keep them to make a pencil or a tooth glass! "

The light ?


"The essence of my style lies in the play of light, volume, transparency. I like playing on the walls to let the color travel. At the Roch Hotel & Spa, for example, I imagined some rooms with open bathrooms. It's the same idea for kitchens where the game of transparency and the eye that travels is essential. The secret is to open and recover the maximum of natural light."