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Crepes Bretonne

Friday, July the 6th, 2018

500 g of flour of black / sarrasin-wheat 2 soup spoons of wheat flour (or of fluid wheat) - 2 average eggs 1 coffee spoon of salt 1 liter of cold water (in source would be better) - 25 cl of ribot milk (or the equivalent of beer or cider) - 3 soup spoons of oil or melted butter.

For the cooking: butter

In a big bowl, mix flours with the salt, make a well and put down eggs there. Begin to incorporate them slowly into the whip at the bottom of the well, to cast anchor with the water in net, by continuing ceaselessly to whip.

Add the milk ribot (either the beer or the cider, it will allow, as the milk ribot, in the dough to ferment).

Cover with a linen and let rest 4 hours with temperature or one night at the cool. Add the oil or the melted butter just before the cooking.

Then make your crêpe seller warm over a brisk heat. Grease her. Cook 1 minute on a face and 20 seconds over the second.
Savor your crêpes with some cider served in a bowl Sicilia!