Decorative tips for lighting

Tuesday, February the 5th, 2019

Decorative tips for lighting your home


Let there be light ! The light and the lighting are, without question, the base of a decoration and a warm atmosphere. Choose your lights, install them in the right place, choose the right light intensity according to the room they occupy ... We help you see more clearly!

Different types of lighting

Before choosing your lighting, you must first define your needs.
Are we looking for a mood light to illuminate a room in a general way or, rather, directional, that we turn on to create a subdued atmosphere, to create areas of darkness or illuminate a particular corner because there is perform a particular task?

Ceiling lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, each has a special role and is rather suitable for this or that room of the house.

Ambient lighting

This is the main light, which allows you to see it immediately at the touch of a button. This is the type of lighting found in a living room or kitchen. For this, we opt either for a ceiling lamp with one or more bulbs depending on the model chosen, or for spots.

Beware of bulbs!

The choice is more complicated nowadays than before.
If you prefer LEDs, consider taking a warm light that will enhance the colors and therefore the atmosphere. Otherwise it will be bluish and icy.
By choosing the halogen, you are less likely to deceive because it is the one that most resembles our old bulbs.Also think of the dimmer, a good way to change the intensity of lighting in a room without complicating life.
Spot lighting
For a successful lighting, you need a general atmosphere and, moreover, do not hesitate to multiply punctual lighting to bring light to places necessary for our daily life.
A lamppost next to a couch to read, a table lamp with a lampshade that diffuses light on a table to illuminate the corner of a room for example, sconces to add bright spots on walls as in a entrance or in a stairwell, a bedside lamp and desk to see what we write or read ...
These lights provide visual comfort, warmth and intimacy, as well as being diffused by lamps that bring a touch of aesthetics thanks to their design and their silhouette.Bright ideasThe more points of light, the more light plays with the shadows and colors of your interior.
If the walls are light and slightly satiny, they reflect the light as they absorb it if they are dark and dull. Also be aware that a suspension tends to shrink in room width, while if your walls are bathed in light, they visually enlarge the space.
Finally a lamp is not only a lighting, it is also a beautiful object of decoration

Among the many Sarah Soloine Maison fixtures, our famous perforated steel Vadim wall lamp surrounded by a glass globe, is now available in a small model and can be adapted to any interior.

Perfect as a bedside lamp, in a stairwell or entrance, it catches the eye in addition to diffusing a soft and warm light.As for our latest lamp post Tokyo, its finesse allows it to slip everywhere and its long lampshade to diffuse a soft and illuminating light. It is perfect for living room, office or bedroom.