Foutas for summer

Tuesday, June the 13th, 2017

Summer is comming : synonym of acid colors and sweet scent of holidays, we all desire to change air ! 

And the essential accesory to stay stylish at the beach and by the pool is at Place des Victoires.

Timeless, the foutas that we have selected are realised from cotton, natural material. Crafters are engaged in weaving foutas while the fringes are hand knotted by women in need. All of them passionately perpetuate the legacy and traditional skills of their family. The craftsmanship and the responsible and respectful character granted to this production pleases us, since it is pledge of quality.

Originally an oriental hammam cloth, the fouta we offer is diverted into a bath towel for the beach, the pool and the bathroom, thicker than the traditional one. Its fabric being multi-purpose, it can also be transformed into a tablecloth, a pareo or even a bed blanket. The variants are endless, as are the variations of color.

You have now all the cards in your hands to respect this season where the softness is unique ! 

Foutas 100 % cotton - Homemade - By Johanne - 38 euros