Jambon Beurre revisité

Wednesday, August the 1st, 2018

12 cut boiled ham in chiffonnade

The soft Norman Butter

1 c. in c. mustard seeds

1 c. in s chiselled chive

1 heart of sucrine lettuce

4 round bread rolls in seeds

4 gherkins

Slice thinly the gherkins lengthwise

Cut bread rolls in two.

Spread(Display) generously the butter over the bread.

Sprinkle with seeds of mustard and with chive

Arrange sheets(leaves) of sucrine lettuce not too big and the small strips of gherkin

Put down(Deposit) then delicately the ham.

End with the bread.

For some more of style, taste(savour) these sandwiches with our table napkins Gioia Riviera.