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Luigi Ghirri

Friday, March the 22th, 2019


Le Jeu de Paume, located in the Tuilerie gardens in Paris, dedicates a retrospective to photographer Luigi Ghirri from the 12th of february to the 2nd of June 2019.

Three good reasons to go : 

1. This is the first French retrospective of Italian!

Luigi Ghirri (1943 - 1992), still little known by the general public, made history with his contemporary photographs.

He takes a particular look at each of his photos and captures moments "We live first in the pictures" - an exhibition that delivers emotions!

2. A travel ! The exhibition "Maps and territories" sign a real invitation to escape. The Italian photographer has squared the globe during the 70's and pays great attention to colors, landscapes, photogenic details ... We find very graphic compositions. Exhilarating shots that reveal the density of reality, a simple beauty and strong at the same time.

3. Understand the artist ! Luigi Ghirri has a fascination with the representation of simple, real things and how landscapes, men, fit into this world. Beyond landscapes, he captures moments and nibbles the world of his images. The Italian thinks about the place of the image and simply disconnects the Italy of the time: windows, beaches, it captures the expansion of tourism marked by this consumer society. A melancholy and a beauty emerges from this exhibition but also humor. 

Le Jeu de Paume

1 de la place de la Concorde

75008 Paris

Lui Ghirri