Maison Sarah Lavoine restyles le Printemps Haussmann

Friday, June the 9th, 2017

" Printemps is today anchored in Parisian life, it is for me a landmark, a reference in the field of fashion and art of living" - Sarah Lavoine

After two years of work, Printemps Haussman reveals its new decor on three floors consecreate to Home. Maison Sarah Lavoine creates a space that looks like an Haussmanian apartment. 

The concept of mobility in the Printemps has been completely redesigned by our team of architects. A secondary circulation axis has been created along the bay windows, like a long luminous corridor. This reorganization allows visitors to walk from room to room without having to borrow the main entrance.

On each floor, his universe ! Designed in the style of a Haussmann triplex, the entire space tells a story. 
It covers three trays of 750 m2, namely :

- Level 2 : The Contemporary Stay 

- Level 3 : The Convivial Kitchen

- Level 4 : The Room

The stay: Immediate immersion in luxury Parisian!

As in a reception room, oak flooring gives warmth and friendliness to this space. The tinted walls of Bleu Sarah punctuate and structure the floor, while the black moldings underline the color. The arches in mirror open into spaces bathed in natural light face each other and offer a play of reflection which is duplicated to infinity.

The half-colums have been the architectural constraints to skirt in this projet. Our team chose to hide them behind the backlit shelves along the central aisles. The central islands and their built-in benches have been custom designed and invite visitors to take a break.
At the entrance of the reception rooms, you can find the names of french brands renowned in terms of decoration.

In the living room, two spaces are drawn. This is the Personal Shopper Workshop and the Luminaire.

Thought like a boudoir, the Atelier is bordered by large glass doors. The Bleu Sarah walls looks great of the private room of 24m2. Our black Noa armchair, our ceramic coffee table, our walnut bubble mirror and our brass Jean ceiling lamp are all elements that bring an intimate atmosphere, combining perfectly with the velvet seats and curtains.

The kitchen : As soon as you arrive, the tone is already given : a happy, genereous, friendly atmosphere !
The space looks like an atelier : raw materials are preferred : association of wood, black steel, cement tiles recreate the ambiance of an elegant and generous kitchen. 
The central islands, in perforated white sheet or wood whitened on trestles, evoke the refinement of large kitchens.Along the luminous corridors are the black steel shelves, with fine and clean lines, designed in homage to the Maison Sarah Lavoine's Tokyo collection.

The corner of Maison Sarah Lavoine: 

Maison Sarah Lavoine has joined the iconic family of houses specialized in the art of the table. The brand stands on the floor of the convivial kitchen, where 30m2 are entrusted to him. And it is the spirit of the Parisian apartment that it is expresse itslef fully. We find the warm and elegant world of the House and the walls are necessarily dressed in blue Sarah.
The timeless do not miss the call: the Noa sofa, velvet Ottomans, Sicilia tableware and linens sit prominently.
Maison Sarah Lavoine gives pride of place to authentic materials, especially lava stone in this space which looks like a Swiss chalet. The striated oak imposes itself as a tribute to wooden cabins, with simple decoration refined and warm.
The bedroom: a cocooning to recharg the batteries 
On this floor, we enter an intimate and comfortable environement, with a soft and cozy setting. Every space of the brand is imagined to create a really bedroom as home. Special materials have been selected : a tick carpet invests the floor while the walls, painted in pastel, recall the intimacy that goes hand in hand with the room. Our studio wanted to recreate the well-being and warmth with the use of shades of green almond gradient, punctuated with powdery pink, and soft light, calling for relaxation.

We have selected a home furniture: the fireplace is in marble, the curtains are linen, the mirror is composed of golden trumeau and the hairdresser sits prominently.

Maison Sarah Lavoine restyles le Printemps HaussmannMaison Sarah Lavoine restyles le Printemps HaussmannMaison Sarah Lavoine restyles le Printemps HaussmannMaison Sarah Lavoine restyles le Printemps HaussmannMaison Sarah Lavoine restyles le Printemps HaussmannMaison Sarah Lavoine restyles le Printemps Haussmann