Mediterranean or Atlantic?

Thursday, March the 24th, 2016

This is a question that is good and that will probably animate some diner at the end. So cleavable that she could even challenge a friendship of 20 years ... because they are two types of people. Those who are looking for the warmth, the sound of cicadas and the animation of the beaches of the South and those who favor nature, a touch of freshness and the authenticity of the Atlantic coast.

For the party deco, the Mediterranean is sunnier, the tones are warmer, the lighter materials. In the West, the mood is stronger in tones with more natural materials.

We had fun preparing 2 selections of Maison Sarah Lavoine products to help you decorate your holiday home. Where ever you are !!

Discover our selections :

Sicilia Plate - Super Box Sofa - Kara table - Radieuse Wall lamp

Sicilia plate - Radieuse Wall lamp - Noa Sofa - Sicilia drinks - Aubergine Frieze