Mother's Day !

Tuesday, May the 23th, 2017

 Sunday is approaching, the opportunity to spend a full day alongside our mother!

Discover below our perfect program.

8am : Give her a present, an instant, a sweetnes ... something that comes from the heart.

Here a selection of gifts : Colorful plates, a dish that highlights what it contains, a vase, delighted to welcome beautiful plants, a timeless shirt, a silk scarf, sunglasses, a linen cushion or cotton, a simple and elegant curtain, a candle that turns into a candle or a pencil pot once consumed, a book ( 'Chez Moi')

9am : Stroll and hold her hand

Change the atmosphere: direction Claude Monet's house. Located in Giverny, it houses in particular the salon-workshop and the majestic collection of Japanese prints of the artist. The gardens form a peaceful bubble in which it is good to daydream, discuss or walk, while admiring the flower beds, the Water Garden and the Japanese bridge, painted in green.

84 rue Claude Monet, 27620 Giverny (45 minutes by train from Paris Saint Lazare)

1 pm: cook the dish of your childhood.

The roles are reversed ! It is up to you to go behind the stove to cook a good meal. 

For Sarah, it will be caramelized mandarins. A balance between crunchy caramel and juicy tangerines.

The recipe of Sarah's caramelized mandarins :

For 20 mandarin segments

Preparation : 20 minutes

Baking : 5 to 10 minutes

Ingredients : 2 mandarins, 200gr of caster sugar, 2 tablespoons of water

Peel the mandarins and remove the maximum of white (ziste) quarters. Put the water and sugar in a saucepan, then heat to obtain a caramel. Cook the caramel until you get a nice light brown color. The clearer the caramel, the more sweet it will be felt. Conversely, the more the caramel is brown, the more the bitterness will be felt. Adapt the cooking according to your taste. As soon as the color is reached, stop cooking by placing the bottom of your pan in a cold water bath. Wait about twenty seconds until the caramel bubbles no longer, then, using a skewer or fork, dip each tangerine quarter in the liquid caramel. If it is too cold, it becomes thick. Do not hesitate to put it back on the low heat to liquefy it. It is possible to make angel hair by dipping a fork into the caramel and sweeping it fairly quickly on a sheet of baking paper. The caramel falls into a net and forms a very decorative veil.

16 pm : snuggle up against her and rediscover a movie

Whatever the time of year, our favorite Sunday afternoon activity is to revise our classics. Twenty-eight years after La Boum, Sophie Marceau is now in the other camp: that of parents. LOL is an intergenerational comedy, to re-discover alongside his mother.

6 pm : Mission accomplished !