Opening of the Yves Saint-Laurent Museum

Friday, October the 6th, 2017

In one hundered year, I wish that people we will study my dresses and my drawings..." Does he win his bet ?  YSL - 71

"Iconic" you say ? After intense works, the time to discover is arrived. 
From the fashion house to the museum, you will immerse yourself in the heart of Yves Saint Laurent's creation through the richness of his heritage.
Haute-couture, an official partner of the French way of life, continues to shine and impose itself through memories. It's a part of our heritage that we have re-discovered!
Get into the world of this great creator, you can walk on his steps and embrace his overflowing creativity, admired by Sarah since always. From sketches to pieces of clothing, it is through 40 years of incredibly rich creations that immersion in the golden age of couture have been created. We often say that the beauty save us ... 
Whether in Paris or Marrakech, extend the legacy of this fashion pioneer by watching his story unfold under our eyes.

Opening of the Yves Saint-Laurent MuseumOpening of the Yves Saint-Laurent Museum