The recette of the Tropezienne

Tuesday, July the 31th, 2018

For the cream

Milk skimmed 1/2: 50 cl

Caster sugar: 100 g

Egg (s): 3 room(part,play) s)

Wheat flour: 50 g

Pod (s) of vanilla: 1 room(part,play) s)

Whole single cream: 20 cl

Aroma Orange blossom: 4 drop(gout) s)

Table salt: 2 pinch (es)

For the dough: 

Baker's dehydrated yeast: 5 g

Egg (s): 3 room(part,play) s)

Unsalted butter: 125 g

Caster sugar: 30 g

Water: 5 cl

Wheat flour: 250 g

Yellow lemon (s): 1 room(part,play) s)

Unsalted butter: 50 g

For the glazing:

Caster sugar: 50 g

Icing sugar: 20 g


Put the milk to be boiled with the vanilla pod split in 2. Clear eggs with the sugar by whipping energetically. Add the flour, then pay the milk boiling above and well to mix. Put back the whole to be cooked in the hanging pan 3 min, from resumption of the boiling.

Once cream cooked and thickened, to pay it on a plate, to to cover it with a clingfilm (to keep(preserve) the humidity) and to cool it quickly.

In the robot with the whip, go up the whole and very cold single cream, then reserve it for the cool.

In the same bowl, put the cold confectioner's custard, incorporate it 1/3 of the whipped cream energetically, then add the rest delicately, as well as the aroma of orange blossom.


In the bowl of the drummer, put the flour, the salt and the sugar. Dilute the yeast in the tepid water (45 °C max.).

Add to the flour eggs and diluted yeast and mix slowly with the hook (we have to obtain a slightly sticky dough). Later 8 - 10 min of kneading at low speed, the dough must be smooth and elastic. Add then the butter (at room temperature) cut in small pieces and mold until he is completely incorporated.

Zester the lemon may incorporate zests into the brioche.

Cover the dough of a linen and let her grow at room temperature during 1 hour approximately (or until she doubled in volume).

Pull down then the dough in the hand to make it fall again (she has to find her volume of origin), then keep her in the refrigerator hanging 1/4 of hour minimum.

Spread the brioche over approximately 1,5 cms of thickness, then cut 1 record of 20 cms diameter and put down it on a cooktop. Let grow and double in volume one more time.

For the glazing: strew the top some brioche of sugar, then to put down dice of butter. Put in the oven in 200 °C during 20 min.

Take out the brioche and let it cool, then cut it in 2 in the thickness.


By means of a pocket with cake store, raise the cream on the open record of brioche. Close then the Inhabitant of Saint-Tropez and sprinkle her with icing sugar before serving.

For the presentation of your cake we recommend you to serve it in our dish Sicilia.

Now savor!