Use and abuse many candles !

Monday, June the 26th, 2017

In every room of the house, at the office, on a table, on a shelf, on a terace... they are never enough !

Follow the advices of Sarah to make a good choice. 

Choose wax natural candles, ideally with a wick that is also, the mineral candles containing components unhealthy. Candles with a good quality will burn less quickly and without smoking (but, whatever the candle, do not let it burn for more thant two or three hours). As soon as the candle is consumed, do not hesitate to "re-cut" regularly the wick with scissor to avoid smoke in the room. Finally, straighten and refocus regularly the wick when the wax cools allows the candle to remain beautiful and balanced.

For better result, group them by three or four.
Think glass jars, divert vases, basins, lanterns ... It will help avoid any risk.

Favor the quality of the products and the lightennes of the agreements by opting for subtle perfumes which will not be too much for the atmosphere. The perfume is a presence, almost sentimental; it instantly evokes memories and arouses emotions.

Discover our Sicilia candles: plate-warmer, nice candle holder, glasse, pencil pot.... 
Quality and subtle fragrances are warmly illuminate the interior in which they are.

Different fragrances are proposed : Syracuse and Catania candles realease Orient fragrance and make us travel to Eastern Sicily with amber as a top note, as delicate as it is captivating. 
The Palerme and Marsala candles release a leafy scent of fig tree and make us travel in the heart of the Mediterranean gardens, with scents that are both fresh, round and gourmet.

To light them, do not forget our square box, modern and elegant, inspired by the Wall of Words of the House. Perfect to make lights and decor your interior, it will never leave you. 

Candles Sicilia : Syracuse - Catania - Palerme - Marsala

Ceramic container - Perfume wax and wick in natural cotton - burn in 40 hours

56 euros