Maison Sarah Lavoine

“Happiness is a lifestyle”, is in some ways the manifesto that inspires everything that Maison Sarah Lavoine does today since Sarah Lavoine opened her interior design studio in 2002.

Its projects are wide ranging, from interior design to paint collections; designing furniture and objects to curated products from her favorite travel destinations, Asia and Africa; to artistic collaborations and most recently capsule collections of comfortable clothing.


The spirit of Maison Sarah Lavoine can be found today in the way she designs her Parisian flagship stores. No two spaces look the same. Sarah Lavoine and her team work to reveal the soul of each space and create a particular ambiance, be it the prestigious Place des Victoires which opened in 2016 or an old ironworks in Passy which they transformed into a loft and which opened in late 2017.

40 people already work at Maison Sarah Lavoine and the desire to continue growing is in line with the love of life and entrepreneurship that Sarah Lavoine spreads to her teams.

Her most recent project, her largest to date, the interior design of the new L’Oréal Luxury Division offices, 48 000 m2 on the banks of the Seine. It is a brilliant illustration of her idea that, even at work, well-being and feeling at home is possible.

Maison Sarah Lavoine will continue to grow with its generous and inspiring vision. To date, more than 100 retail partners sell her brand across the globe. She continues to demonstrate, without dogma or snobbery, that you have the power to change your life by improving your surroundings. It is her definition of the art of living, accessible luxury. An optimistic view of life.

Être heureux est un art de vivre
Melting pot
Joy of living