Outdoor Vichy Rug Bleu Sarah - 79 x 118 in


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Maison Sarah Lavoine revisits the famous gingham check pattern with a lovely mix of Sarah blue, green and beige. This graphic rug is the perfect piece to give character while bringing colour to your outdoor space. On a terrace, by the pool or even in your living room, the choice is yours!

+ Characteristics

Dimensions : 79 x 118 in 
Rug suitable for outdoor use and can be exposed to the weather

+ Composition

Pet Yarn Fiber - Hand knotted with recycled plastic yarn. 
The strength of this fiber is optimal and is perfect for these rugs, which can be put outside and exposed to the weather. They are therefore suitable for bathrooms, kitchens or poolside.

+ Deliveries and returns

This fragile product can be packaged in suitable non-ecological packaging.
Upon receipt, you have 15 days to send us your return request.

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The Material

In order to preserve the environment, this carpet is made from recycled fibers of used polyester bottles. The manufacture of this fiber does not require the use of natural resources, consumes little energy and emits less CO². 10 plastic bottles yield 500 grams of recycled fiber. 1 million bottles save 250 barrels of oil and 180 tons of CO2.

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