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Photo Candle 3rd Avenue - Mystère d'Encens

Candle 3rd Avenue - Mystère d'Encens

58,00 euros

The Maison Sarah Lavoine candle collection is growing and changing its name to borrow from our shops their iconic addresses.

Each candle has a design and a scent of their own. Sarah Lavoine has selected these essences in tribute to the places that inspire her.

As pleasant to look at as it is to smell, the ceramic Bac candle warmly illuminates your interior. At the same time, candle, pretty photophore.


- 185 grams 

- Ceramic and wax container

- Mineral wax and wick 100% cotton

- Fragrance :  Mystère d'Encens

A warm atmosphere in a cozy interior where you would sip an old alcohol.