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Art of the Table

Color your tables and mix styles for moments of sharing with family and friends. Play with unique compositions of color, where the know-how and craftsmanship takes all its meaning.



  • Brass
  • Ceramic
  • Glass

Daria Dinner Plate + Colors - 11 in

Daria Dessert Plate + Colors - ⌀9 in

Daria Soup Plate + Colors - ⌀9 in

Oval Dish Daria + Colors

Daria Salad Bowl + Colors - ø13 in

Daria Egg cup + Color

Candle holder Daria + Colors

Daria Pot + Colors

Esquisse Soup Plate + Colors - ø8 in

Esquisse Aperitif Plate Aqua - ø6 in

Esquisse Small Bowl + Colors - ø6 in

Sicilia Soup Plate + Colors - ø7 in

Sicilia Soup Plate + Colors - ø9 in

Sicilia Dinner Plate + Colors - ø10 in

Sicilia Dessert Plate + Colors - ø8 in

Sicilia ceramic glass + Colors - H4 in

Sicilia Small Bowl + Colors - ø3 in

Sicilia Large Bowl + Colors - ø5 in

Sicilia Salad Bowl + Colors - ø13 in

Pitcher Sicilia Black

Mug Sicilia Bleu Sarah

Sicilia Mug Radis Noir

Sicilia Mug Tilleul

Presentation Board Bleu Sarah

Teapot Sicilia Bleu Sarah

Teapot Sicilia Black

Dinner plate Armoise Bleu Sarah - ø11 cm

Soup Plate Armoise Bleu Sarah - ø9 cm

Dessert Plate Armoise Pousse de Tilleul - ø8 cm

Cup Armoise Lime tree growth - ø6 cm

Armoise Plate Bleu Sarah - ø14 cm

Bowl Armoise Lime tree growth - ø11,5 cm

6 Éclat Water Glasses + Color

6 Éclat Glasses Wine + Color

6 Glasses Éclat + Color

Éclat Carafe + Colors

Golden Cutlery Set €280.00

Brillante Table Fork €12.00

Shiny Knife €13.00

Spoon €12.00

Mirage Napkin Ring Brass

Salt and pepper shaker duo Black / Ivory

Eclipse Trivet + Colors

Daria Carafe + Colors

Daria Trinket bowl Bleu Sarah

Esquisse Dinner Plate Black - ø10 in

Esquisse Dessert Plate Bleu Sarah - ø9 in

Esquisse Mug + Colors

Esquisse Cutlery Pot Black and Natural - H8 in

Esquisse Cutlery Pot Black and Natural - H6 in

Sicilia Platter Pousse de Tilleul

Sicilia Platter Black

Sicilia Platter Bleu Sarah

Sicilia Bowl + Color - ø7 in

Pitcher Sicilia Bleu Sarah

Sicilia Mug Nude

Sicilia Mug Yellow

Sicilia Mug Pink

Presentation Board Pousse de Tilleul

6 Totem Water Glasses + Colors

Small Shiny Spoon €10.00

Discover an Art of the Table design and top of the range

Creating a convivial atmosphere, sharing and elegance are part of the values of the House and this goes through the art of setting a table. Around an aperitif, during a family meal or for a festive occasion, our art of the table accompanies these moments of joy with your guests. The expression "art of the table" takes on its full meaning when the tableware accompanies the art of gastronomy. 

Maison Sarah Lavoine likes to reinvent itself by proposing collections that are different from each other, with their own identity. Plates, cutlery, glasses, bowls, carafes or teapots, the table's essentials are distinguished by their graphic design and their sparkling colors. In monochrome version, Sicilia tableware can play the card of colorimetric unity, as well as the games of contrast by combining several colors. Water glasses, wine glasses and their matching carafes are suitable for all occasions and will complete your table. 

Our cutlery, with its sleek, retro yet sober look, is a perfect match for any elegant table setting. The matching platters and plates bring a touch of chic to your aperitifs with friends. Table mats, salt and pepper shakers inspired by the Parisian bistro design, complete your table setting. These precious moments of life are enhanced by a complete range of tableware that is warm and colorful to brighten up all your meals.

Cotton cushion
Cotton fabric bench
Velvet bench
Cotton sofa
Velvet sofa design
Blue chair design
Steel chair design
Cotton chair