Design and Contemporary Style Plates


Discover a collection of plates with exquisite design that will turn your meals into true gustatory experiences. Our deep, flat, and dessert plates combine functionality with contemporary aesthetics. Manufactured with precision, they are designed to stand the test of time.

Their elegant shape and sleek lines add a touch of sophistication to your table. With a palette of vibrant and daring colors, these plates bring an explosion of visual flavors to your dishes.

Made from high-quality materials, they are both sturdy and lightweight. Turn every meal into an unforgettable moment with our designer plates that blend functionality, beauty, and culinary creativity.

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  • Ceramic

Dinner Plate Sarah Lagoon - ⌀26 cm - Sandstone

Dinner Plate Sicilia Off-White - ø26 cm - Ceramic

Dinner Plate Sicilia Bleu Sarah - ø26 cm - Ceramic

Dinner Plate Sicilia Lime Tree Growth - ø26 cm - Ceramic

Soup Plate Sicilia Off-White - ø19 cm - Ceramic

Soup Plate Sicilia Bleu Sarah - ø19 cm - Ceramic

Soup Plate Sicilia Lime Tree Growth - ø19 cm - Ceramic

Dessert Plate Sicilia Off-White - ø20 cm - Ceramic

Dessert Plate Sicilia Bleu Sarah - ø20 cm - Ceramic

Dessert Plate Sicilia Lime Tree Growth - ø20 cm - Ceramic

Dinner Plate Esquisse Black - ø26 cm - Earthenware

Dessert Plate Esquisse Black - ø23 cm - Earthenware 

Soup Plate Esquisse Bleu Sarah - ø21 cm - Earthenware

Soup Plate Esquisse Black - ø21 cm - Earthenware

Dinner Plate Daria Bleu Sarah - ⌀29 cm - Sandstone

Dessert Plate Sarah Paprika - ⌀20 cm - Stoneware

Dinner Plate Sarah Black Radish - ⌀20 cm - Stoneware

Placemat Sarah Bleu Sarah - 45x35 cm

Placemat Sarah Paprika - 45 x 35 cm

Placemat Sarah Black - 45 x 35 cm

Dinner Plate Esquisse Bleu Sarah - ø26 cm - Earthenware

Dessert Plate Esquisse Bleu Sarah - ø23 cm - Earthenware 

Elevate Your Meals with Our Designer Plates

Plates are much more than mere containers for your meals. They are essential pieces of the art of table setting, adding an aesthetic and sophisticated touch to each dining experience. Handcrafted ceramic and faience plates are testimonies of artisanal expertise, offering unique beauty and an exceptional culinary experience.

Flat, deep, and dessert plates made from ceramic or faience are masterpieces of craftsmanship. Each piece is carefully and expertly shaped, providing a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. The artisanal manufacturing process gives rise to one-of-a-kind plates, featuring various patterns and colors that add a visual dimension to your table.

Patterns and colors of the plates play a crucial role in creating a harmonious and elegant table setting. You can choose from a variety of motifs, whether traditional, geometric, floral, or contemporary. Each pattern brings its own personality to your table, creating a special ambiance for every occasion.

Ceramic and faience have been cherished materials for centuries due to their beauty and durability. Artisans master the art of working with these materials, employing traditional techniques passed down through generations. Each plate is meticulously handcrafted and then fired at high temperatures to achieve its sturdiness and resilience.

Handcrafted ceramic and faience plates add an authentic and warm touch to your table. Each plate tells a story, with subtle imperfections and unique details. They reflect the meticulous work and commitment of artisans in preserving their traditional craftsmanship.

When using handcrafted ceramic or faience plates, every meal becomes an aesthetic experience. The pleasant texture and quality of the materials add a delightful tactile sensation to each bite. The artisanal plates become canvases on which you can proudly present your designer cutlery.

Whether you are hosting a formal dinner or a casual family meal, handcrafted ceramic and faience plates add a touch of refinement to every table. Their timeless beauty, combined with artisanal quality, makes them pieces that will last for years and be passed down from generation to generation.

In conclusion, handcrafted ceramic and faience plates are essential elements of table setting. Their artisanal craftsmanship, unique patterns, and captivating colors add an authentic and beautiful touch to each meal. Experience the quality and elegance of handcrafted plates, and savor your meals in a setting where aesthetics meet functionality.

Aside from plates, don't forget to complete your table with our designer bowls, designer carafes, designer mugs, and designer glasses for a harmonious ensemble.

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