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Contemporary Design and Style Candles and Fragrances

Soft and pleasant scents, small flames that light up the interior with their glow and designs that blend perfectly with your decor: the high-end candles signed Maison Sarah Lavoine take you to paradise. Decorative objects par excellence, they unpretentiously combine olfactory and visual pleasure.

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  • Ceramic
  • Cotton
  • Glass
  • Wax

Candle Slavic Cassis - ø9,5 x H35 cm - Mineral wax
€58.00 €29.00

Stella candle with cover Fig flower- 12 x 9.5 cm

Stella candle with cover Parasol pine - 12 x 9.5 cm

Stella candle with cover Sandalwood - 12 x 9.5 cm

Stella candle with cover Sandalwood - 12 x 9.5 cm

Candle Victories Orient Sent - Ecru - 250 g - Ceramic

Candle Slavic Bleu Sarah - ø9,5 x H35 cm - Mineral wax

Candle Slavic Fauve - ø9,5 x H35 cm - Mineral wax

Candle Slavic Ecru - ø9,5 x H35 cm - Mineral wax

Candle Quinconces Jasmin - 250 g - Ceramic

Candle Third Avenue Mystery Incense - 250 g - Ceramic

Candle Passy Fig Leaf - 250 g - Ceramic

Perfume Refills Scent - Glass / Wooden Stem

Perfume Diffuser Victoires Scent - Glass / Wooden stem

Matchbox Labyrinth Bleu Sarah - 113 x 60 x H20 mm - Recycled materials
€12.00 €8.40

Matchbox Labyrinth Bleu Sarah - 11 x 11 cm - Recycled materials
€14.00 €9.80

Perfume your home with a thousand and one scents thanks to high-end candles

In addition to their pleasant and relaxing scents, candles are also true mood creators. At nightfall, their glow creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. All you have to do is curl up under the comforter and enjoy the moment. During the day, their fragrances give you a real feeling of inner well-being, conducive to relaxation. What could be more pleasant than living in a place where you feel good and smell good? Woody, fruity, floral, winter or summer scents, to each his own.

An object that smells good and looks good: with the high-end candles from the Maison Sarah Lavoine collection, create the atmosphere of your dreams and change it with the seasons. In ceramic, raffia or glass, the containers also keep all their promises. From brightly colored candles that bring warmth and comfort to the room, to the more summery raffia candles that take their place in your living room, each candle has its own universe. The House's signature tricolors will perfectly match your elegant and refined decor. Black, white, green or the inevitable Sarah Blue, we fall for these glamorous and delicate trios. Available in several sizes and colors, the top-of-the-line Sarah Lavoine candles are also made with European know-how.

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