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Maison Sarah Lavoine unveils its collection of high-end vases in multiple materials and colors. Decorative objects that are rather discreet, they nevertheless bring the final touch to your interior. As the seasons go by, fill them with fresh flowers or compose your bouquets with dried flowers for a refined and chic plant note.



  • Ceramic
  • Glass

High-end vases for a fragrant finishing touch

As lovers of flowers and floral scents, vases are your most trusted allies. They are generally used to beautify a space, bring a little freshness to a bedroom or bring the desired touch of color to a living room. As simple decorative objects or as containers for your bouquets of fresh flowers, vases have many functions that you just have to choose. Place it next to candles, picture frames or candle holders to enhance its design. On a bedside table, hallway cabinet or dining room table, your high-end vase accompanied by a pretty bouquet of seasonal flowers will perfume your home with its freshness.

Made of glass or ceramic, Maison Sarah Lavoine's high-end vases are made in Europe so that traditional know-how meets contemporary design to create exceptional products. Among the selection of vases, you can find the beautiful iconic stripe of the Maison Sarah Lavoine collections, but also the signature tricolored designs. Beautiful colors as vivid as they are deep that will highlight your flowers and bring out all their natural hues. High-end vases, unique and worked where the material is sublimated by passionate craftsmen. Large, small, round or conical, have fun mixing prints and different sizes to create a harmony that reflects your personality. 

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