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Design and Contemporary Style Armchairs

Discover our collection of designer armchairs that combine comfort, style and contemporary elegance. Carefully crafted, these fabric armchairs envelop you in irresistible softness.

Choose from a range of premium materials such as cotton bouclé, velvet and flannel, to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home that reflects your personality. With their soft, soothing colours, these armchairs will look great in your living room, bedroom or lounge. Quality design, our contemporary armchairs are elegant and comfortable.

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  • Brass
  • Cotton
  • Velvet
  • Wool

Armchair Margot Jade - H77x W64 x D65 cm - Velvet
€1,950.00 €1,560.00

Armchair Margot Bleu Sarah - H77x W64 x D65 cm - Velvet

Chill Sofa Velvet Velours - L164 x H83 x P98 cm

Chill Armchair Velvet - Velours

Chill Corner Armchair Velvet - Velours

Chill Sofa Off-White - L164 x H83 x P98 cm

Chill Armchair Off-White - Curl fabric

Chill Corner Armchair Off-White - Curl fabric

Armchair Bozzolo Ochre - H72 x W75 x D71 cm - Walnut / Velvet Polyester

Armchair Bozzolo Green - H72 x W75 x D71 cm - Walnut / Velvet Polyester

Armchair Bozzolo Linden - H72 x W75 x D71 cm - Walnut / Velvet Polyester

Armchair Bozzolo Ecru - H72 x W75 x D71 cm - Oak / Bouclette tissue

Armchair Bozzolo Ecru - H91 x W110 x D102 cm - Solid wood / Bouclette fabric

Armchair Noa White / Black - H77x W90 x D90 cm - Cotton / Wood

Armchair Noa Black / White - H77x W90 x D90 cm - Cotton / Wood

Armchairs, those inviting, enveloping seats, have stood the test of time as emblematic elements of interior design. Their history is rich and fascinating, bearing witness to the evolution of styles, materials and aesthetic trends.

Let's step back in time and explore the eras that have shaped the history of armchairs. In Antiquity, Greek and Roman civilizations were already using upholstered seats for greater comfort. However, it was in the Middle Ages that armchairs began to take on greater importance. They were seen as symbols of status and power, reserved for nobles and chieftains. Their design was characterized by high backrests and luxurious materials, such as carved wood upholstered in velvet or silk.

During the Renaissance, armchairs became the centerpiece of furnishings, reflecting the artistic refinement of the period. Seats were richly decorated with carved motifs and covered with sumptuous fabrics. One of the most famous examples of this period is the "Dante" armchair by Italian sculptor and architect Jacopo Sansovino, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and aesthetics.

The 18th century was marked by the Rococo style and the Baroque art movement. Armchairs from this period were known for their extravagance and opulence. Cabriolet-backed chairs were popular, with their curved shapes and elegantly carved legs. Materials used included gilded wood, velvet, silk and even mother-of-pearl inlay.

The advent of the industrial revolution in the 19th century brought significant changes to armchair manufacture. Technological innovations enabled mass production, making armchairs more accessible to a greater number of people. It was at this time that iconic models appeared, such as the club chair, characterized by its low seat, padded armrests and leather upholstery. Rocking chairs also gained in popularity, offering a unique relaxation experience.

In the 20th century, chair design became a field of experimentation for the great designers. Iconic figures such as Le Corbusier, Charles Eames and Arne Jacobsen brought bold, innovative concepts to their creations. Le Corbusier's LC2 armchair has become a symbol of the modern movement, with its chrome-plated steel frame and upholstered leather cushions. Eames' Lounge chair has become a design icon with its elegant allure and enveloping comfort. As for Arne Jacobsen's "Egg" armchair, its organic design and protective cocoon make it a prized collector's item.

The materials used in armchair manufacture have also evolved over time. From solid wood to leather, metal, plastic and modern textiles, materials offer an infinite variety of possibilities for creating unique and functional armchairs.

In addition to classic armchairs, new types have emerged to meet contemporary needs. Ergonomic chairs offer optimum support for back and arms, promoting healthy posture and maximum comfort. Recliners, equipped with relaxation mechanisms, allow you to sit and rest in different positions.

Whether used in a living room, office, reading room or relaxation area, armchairs are key pieces of interior design. They add a touch of comfort, style and personality to any space. Whether you prefer a timeless classic or a bold contemporary model, there's a chair to suit your tastes and needs.

Through the ages and trends, armchairs have evolved to suit the lifestyles and aesthetic requirements of each era. From Baroque luxury to modern functionality, armchairs have stood the test of time and continue to embody the perfect harmony of design, comfort and beauty.

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