Contemporary design rattan table

Discover a selection of high-end and resplendent rattan tables. Coffee tables or dining tables, here it is accompanied by Carrara marble to dress your interiors with glamour and light. Born from a unique know-how, the rattan is also meticulously handcrafted for a breathtaking result. 



  • Marble
  • Rotin

Round Dining Table Riviera White / Natural - ø120 x H74 cm - Carrara marble / Rattan

High Dining Table Table Green / Natural - ø120 x H74 cm - Carrara marble / Rattan

Coffee Table Riviera White - L144 cm - Carrara marble / Rattan

Coffee Table Riviera Green - L57 x W26 x H16 in - Carrara marble / Rattan

Oval Dining Table Riviera White / Natural - ⌀199 x H74 cm - Carrara marble / Rattan

Oval Dining Table Riviera Black / White - ⌀199 x H74 cm - Carrara marble / Rattan

High-end and sunny rattan tables

With rattan, let a touch of vegetation enter your home. Made of wild plant fiber, this material has a luminous and natural look that goes well with many materials. For this collection of tables, Maison Sarah Lavoine combines Carrara marble with rattan for unique and timeless pieces. True to its requirements, Maison Sarah Lavoine has selected one of the whitest marbles available. The products in this collection are therefore truly exceptional objects. Among them, the Riviera table and its harmonious shapes. Whether you prefer it oval or round, this table can accommodate between 4 and 6 guests. Ideal for family gatherings. The rattan legs are the sunny touch of this piece. For the living room, the Riviera table swaps its single leg for two symmetrical legs. A coffee table with character that illuminates a room in a single gesture. More creative and customizable, the collection also includes coffee table duos with lacquered wood seats. Combine them according to your desires! 

Although rattan is originally yellow, in this collection, black is also featured. The marble is also available in green and the lacquered wood seats come in many colors such as orange, blue or green. Endless combinations for interior and exterior decorations. Resistant to life and to bad weather, the tables will make their effect during all the summer in your garden and will be sheltered in winter.

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