Serving Plates And Trays



  • Ceramic

Presentation Board Black / Off-White - 20 x 34 cm - Ceramic

Presentation Board Pousse de Tilleul - W20 x 34 cm - Ceramic

Presentation Board Bleu Sarah - 20 x 34 cm - Ceramic

Salad bowl Sicilia Off-White - ø19 cm - Ceramic

Salad bowl Sicilia Bleu Sarah - ø19 cm - Ceramic

Salad bowl Sicilia Lime Tree Growth - ø19 cm - Ceramic

Salad bowl Sicilia Bleu Sarah - ø33 cm - Ceramic

Salad bowl Sicilia Lime Tree Growth - ø33 cm - Ceramic

Platter Sicilia Off-White platter - L43 x 32 cm - Ceramic

Platter Sicilia Lime tree shoot - L43 x 32 cm - Ceramic

Platter Sicilia Bleu Sarah - W43 cm - Ceramic

Egg Cup Daria Black - Ceramic

Salad bowl Esquisse Bleu Sarah - ø8 in - Earthenware

Salad bowl Esquisse Black - ø9 in - Earthenware

Salad bowl Sicilia Off-White - ø33 cm - Ceramic

Exceptional craftsmanship

Discover our designer serving trays, creations that combine exceptional aesthetics with unrivalled practicality. Each tray is crafted with meticulous expertise, highlighting the Made in France quality that is so important to us. At Maison Sarah Lavoine, we are passionate about the fusion of creativity and functionality, and our serving trays are no exception.

Each tray is designed with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting our commitment to authentic craftsmanship. Made from the finest materials, our trays offer exceptional durability while maintaining an elegant aesthetic. The harmony between contemporary design and practicality makes our serving trays not only visually appealing, but functional in every situation.

Elegance at your service
Our designer serving trays are more than just accessories; they become centrepieces in any setting. Whether it's a meal with friends, a sunny breakfast or a relaxed evening, our trays add a touch of sophistication to your special moments. They embody the subtle fusion of style and function, creating a harmonious balance between aesthetics and practicality.

By choosing our serving trays, you are investing in an experience that combines timeless elegance with impeccable quality. Let yourself be seduced by the unique expression of Maison Sarah Lavoine through these pieces that embody our bold vision of design. Whether you're looking for a style statement or a practical solution, our design service trays are here to meet your needs.

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