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Design and Contemporary curtains and net curtains

The curtains and sheers of Maison Sarah Lavoine are designed with natural fabrics like linen or cotton. Noble and delicate materials specially chosen to protect you from the sun's rays and warm the atmosphere of your living room while providing the finishing touch to your decoration.



  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Metal

Dita curtain White / Aubergine - 170 x 300 cm

Dita curtain White / Sarah Blue - 170 x 300 cm

Curtain Skye Jasmine - 170 x 295 cm - Linen

Curtain Freya Ecru / Bleu Sarah - 170 x 300 cm - Cotton

Curtain Ava Jasmine / Black - 170 x 295 cm - 100% linen

Curtain Freya Bleu Sarah / Ecru - 170 x 300 cm - Cotton

Curtain Clamp Set of 10 - ø4 cm - Metal

Dita curtain Aubergine / white - 170 x 300 cm

Curtains and curtains upscale for a friendly and bright interior

Central elements of your rooms, the windows let in light and bring character to your spaces. It is therefore important to choose curtains and sheers according to your needs. To embellish a window, protect you from prying eyes or reinforce a particular character of your decoration, the first step is to determine their function. If you simply want to dress your window, prefer curtains with colored or dark colors. This will allow you to enjoy the view while bringing a touch of color to your home. If on the contrary, your wish is to find a little quietude and remove the vis-à-vis without losing your light, the curtains seem to be the perfect solution. Slightly transparent, but still blackout, they will allow you to feel safe in a bright and friendly room.

Once you have chosen your curtains or sheers, you are at the second step: the installation. For a romantic and elegant, opt for curtains and curtains extra long that gently cover your floor. A cut perfectly fitted to your floor gives a studious and orderly character. While the curtains and sheers that extend to your windowsills bring brightness and mitigates your ceiling height. At Sarah Lavoine House, curtains and sheers upscale come in many colors and patterns. From tile to solid colors, whatever your choice, they will add a touch of brightness and friendliness to all your living rooms.

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