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The headboards reflect the essence of Maison Sarah Lavoine: trios of bright and neutral colors, noble materials sublimated by the work of craftsmen and a concern for detail right down to your headboards. Their elegant curves make your rooms and your nights softer.



  • Linen
  • Rotin

Headboard Riviera Bleu Sarah - L76 in - Rotin

Headboard Riviera Pistachio - L76 in - Rotin

Headboard Double Jeu Linen Natural / China Tea - 63 in - Wood / Linen
Starting €790.00

Headboard Linen Double Jeu Natural / China Tea - 71 in - Wood / Linen
Starting €1,090.00

Headboard Double Jeu Linen Natural / Sweet Mint - 63 in - Wood / Linen
Starting €990.00

Headboard Linen Double Jeu Natural / Mint - 71 in - Wood / Linen
Starting €1,090.00

Stylish and elegant headboards to sweeten your nights

Seemingly unimportant accessories, headboards are the ones that set the tone for your bedroom. To bring a little color and softness to your walls, Maison Sarah Lavoine has designed headboards honoring linen. A soft and fluid material, linen is pleasant to the touch as well as visually. Classy, elegant and even glamorous, this silky and delicate material gives your room a warm and cozy atmosphere. When it comes to colors, Maison Sarah Lavoine focuses on simplicity. Its headboards are modestly dressed in the brand's iconic shades. Pink forms a flamboyant duo with black, while the natural color juggles between soft mint and Chinese tea for an authentic and sober look.

An elegant curve and a play of color highlighted by black or white piping, the Double-Jeu headboards play with their lightness to accompany your dreams of softness. All the pieces in the range are designed and manufactured in Europe where know-how and tradition are inseparable. Passionate artisans share their knowledge of materials and reveal their design secrets to create elegant and timeless pieces. The artistic codes of Maison Sarah Lavoine are respected and all materials are sublimated. Headboards with a unique, original and daring design: all you have to do is choose the color of your dreams and install it on top of your head.

Maison Sarah Lavoine

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