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Benches and Bench Seats

To dress up an entryway, a dressing room, a living room or a bedroom, benches and banquettes are excellent decorative furniture that give a contemporary and chic look to your room. Comfortable and design, these high-end seats signed Maison Sarah Lavoine, will be in perfect harmony with your interior.



  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Steel
  • Velvet
  • Wool

Bench Gaspard Bleu Sarah - L55 x W16 x H18 in - Velvet / Steel

Bench Gaspard Black - L140 x x W40 x H45 cm - Velvet / Steel

Bench Gaspard Dandy - L140 x x W40 x H45 cm - Lin / Steel

Bench Gaspard semi-outdoor Poppy / Dandy fabric - L140 x x W40 x H45 cm - Polyolefin / Steel

Bench Gaspard semi-outdoor Black / Dandy fabric - L140 x x W40 x H45 cm - Velvet / Steel

Storage Bench Seat Jacob Model stretched or covered - Dandy fabric / Wood
Starting €2,855.00

Bench Seat Blabla L225 x W162 x H71 - Linen / Wood

Nico bench Printed - L160 x W60 x H42 cm - Walnut/Cotton

Nico bench Beige - L160 x W60 x H42 cm - Walnut/Mohair

Nico bench Cream - L160 x W60 x H42 cm - Walnut/Wool/Cotton

Nico bench Red - L160 x W60 x H42 cm - Walnut/Mohair

Nico bench Aqua - L160 x W60 x H42 cm - Walnut/Mohair

Nico bench Aubergine - L160 x W60 x H42 cm - Walnut/Mohair

Nico bench Ochre - L160 x W60 x H42 cm - Walnut/Mohair

Banquette Jacob White - L185 x W75 x H40 - Curly wool
Starting €2,680.00

Noa Bench White - L140 x W60 x H70 cm - Cotton / Wood

High-end benches and seats to dress up your interiors

The designers at Maison Sarah Lavoine draw their influence from the time and spaces that surround them. From store interiors to urban infrastructures and trendy furniture, all of the store's high-end benches are designed and created from a combination of inspirations and desires. Industrial, urban, graphic or contemporary, all the benches have their own identity and show the will to mix cultures and times. Compositions and combinations resulting from numerous mixes that have quickly become the key values of the Maison Sarah Lavoine.

As the centerpiece of your dressing room, leaning against the wall of your entryway or at the foot of your bed, the high-end benches and benches are perfect elements of interior design. For an urban and industrial feel, take a step back in time with benches with backrests. Seats of yesteryear that evoke nostalgia, the school benches. Lovers of graphic lines and contemporary furniture, the benches of the House of Sarah Lavoine will bring refinement and modernity to your home. The soft and comfortable velvet contrasts with the metal legs. As for the benches, they transport us in an instant into a state of lightness and tranquility as their seats are soft and pleasant. High-end furniture in all simplicity: all you have to do is let the interior decorator in you speak to make your choice.

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