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Selection of Made In France beauty products

Discover beauty products made in France by Maison Sarah Lavoine, a refined, top-of-the-range range. Carefully crafted formulas to enhance your natural beauty, while supporting French cosmetic expertise. Immerse yourself in the world of Maison Sarah Lavoine and treat yourself to an authentically French experience of well-being.


Nail Polish Aubergine - 10 ml - Vegan / Made in France

Nail Polish Bleu Sarah - 10 ml - Vegan / Made in France

Nail Polish Broadway - 10 ml - Vegan / Made in France

Nail Polish Broome Street - 10 ml - Vegan / Made in France

Nail Polish Base and Top Coat - 10 ml - Vegan / Made in France

Nail Polish Red Chilli - 10 ml - Vegan / Made in France

Nail Polish Royal - 10 ml - Vegan / Made in France

Nail Polish China Tea - 10 ml - Vegan / Made in France

Liquid Soap Refill Citrus, woody accord - Water / Potassium

The Quintessence of Singular Beauty

Elegance is an unmistakable characteristic of the Maison Sarah Lavoine brand. Renowned for creating design objects and contemporary spaces imbued with warmth, it is expanding its horizons by entering the world of beauty. This expansion is true to her philosophy, a skilful blend of colours and materials.

The beauty products created by Maison Sarah Lavoine are crafted with meticulous care and expertise that reflect the art of French design. Designed and produced in France, they are ambassadors of exceptional quality, offering a harmonious blend of refinement and modernity.

An ethical and local commitment

Maison Sarah Lavoine has a strong environmental ethic. By producing its beauty products locally, the brand promotes French craftsmanship while ensuring impeccable traceability and ethical responsibility. The ingredients, meticulously chosen, are sourced from natural and sustainable sources, in a spirit of respect for our planet.

Choosing a made in France beauty product from Maison Sarah Lavoine means embracing bold beauty. It's about elegance, originality and quality, but it's also about embracing a lifestyle that fuses refinement and modernity. More than just a beauty product, it's an invitation to experience French design, ethics and creativity.

Maison Sarah Lavoine

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