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Similar to small columns from ancient architecture, candle holders are essential supports for your candles. But there is no question that this one is sober and monotonous. Maison Sarah Lavoine's design candle holders are not simple supports, but real decorative objects that will fulfill your desires.



  • Ceramic

Diane Candlestick Black

Diane Candlestick Bleu Sarah

Diane Candlestick Bosquet
€46.00 €23.00

Concorde Candlestick Bleu Sarah

Concorde Candlestick Bosquet
€52.00 €26.00

Castiglione Candlestick Black

Candle holder Daria + Colors

Slavic Candlestick Pousse de Tilleul - H12 in

Concorde Candlestick Black

Slav Candlestick Bleu Sarah - H8 in

Slavic Candlestick Bleu Sarah - H10 in

Slavic Candlestick Bleu Sarah - H12 in

Slav Candlestick Jasmine - H8 in

Slavic Candlestick Jasmine - H10 in

Slavic Candlestick Jasmine - H12 in

Slav Candlestick Black - H8 in

Slavic Candlestick Black - H10 in

Slavic Candlestick Black - H12 in

Castiglione Candlestick Off White

Design candleholders that illuminate your spaces

Inspired by the most beautiful architectural creations, Sarah Lavoine's candleholders bear witness to the cultural heritage offered centuries ago. From Greek columns to ancient water fountains, these sleek designs take us back in time. Much more than simple candle holders, candleholders are accessories in their own right. We like to arrange them carefully on our orders, coffee tables, dining rooms, but also on our bedside tables for a warm atmosphere at nightfall. Then, there are those who use them daily and those who take them out only on special occasions. Candlelight dinners, end of year meals or birthdays, they illuminate your tables with their beauty while creating a subdued and friendly atmosphere.

Inspired by European architectural history, but not only, Maison Sarah Lavoine candleholders are made in Europe, where the know-how is passed on from generation to generation. These design objects are available in different colors: black, green, white or blue. The materials are sublimated by luminous and elegant reflections that can be found on candleholders of all sizes. Large, small or rather medium size, play on the different heights to give a harmonious dynamic to your set. A large black candlestick accompanied by a blue or a small white candlestick dominated by a green candlestick ... Leave room for boldness in your compositions.


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