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Discover a selection of suits for looks that are resolutely masculine-feminine, where the mix of genders is in the spotlight. Iconic of the House, they come in various versions for elegant or casual outfits.

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  • Cotton
  • Satin

Tuxedo Jacket France Fern - Straight cut

Claude Tuxedo Pants Fern - 7/8 cut - Acetate / Viscose

Saint-Honoré jacket Mordoré - Ribbed velvet- 100% Cotton

Rivoli Suit Trousers Mordoré - Corduroy- 100% Cotton
Starting €285.00

Tuxedo Jacket France White - Straight cut - Acetate / Viscose

Tuxedo Pants Claude White - 7/8 cut with large lapel - Viscose / Satin

Tuxedo Jacket France Black - Straight cut - Acetate / Viscose

Tuxedo Pants Claude Black - 7/8 cut with large lapel - Viscose / Satin

Elegant and refined suits and dinner jackets for women

Today's chic woman knows how to combine femininity and sophistication in her clothing choices. Whether wearing a tailored trouser suit or a fitted dress, she knows how to create a chic, elegant look. The blazer is an essential part of her wardrobe, which she wears with pride to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. With its structured collar and impeccable cut, the blazer is a timeless chic staple.

For this spring-summer season, chic women are playing with colours and patterns to add a fresh touch to their outfits. Fitted dresses with equally elegant waists, in bright shades of red, add a bold, feminine allure. Trouser suits are also an elegant choice for today's chic woman. With their precise cut and flattering silhouette, they offer a look that's both professional and sophisticated.

For a business meeting or a special evening out, the chic woman knows how to present herself with elegance and confidence. She knows that the outfit you choose can make a big difference to how you are perceived. That's why she always opts for outfits that highlight her and reflect her personal style. With a trouser suit or a perfectly tailored blazer, the chic woman is ready to conquer the world with confidence and elegance.

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