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Wallpaper Design and Contemporary Style

Straight from the imagination of Maison Sarah Lavoine and Nobilis, the Apostrophe wallpaper collection plunges you into a graphic and colorful universe that is the antithesis of classic wallpapers. Here contemporary meets elegance to give your interiors a touch of madness.

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Wallpaper - MSL x Nobilis The Aurora - 5,80m x 0,90

Wallpaper - MSL x Nobilis L'Alternance - 8,70m x 0,53

Wallpaper - MSL x Nobilis The Beyond - 5,80m x 0,90

Wallpaper - MSL x Nobilis The Illusion - 10m x 53 cm

A collection of high-end wallpapers that will make you see all the colors

With the creation of this collection of high-end wallpapers, Maison Sarah Lavoine and Nobilis demonstrate that originality and elegance merge easily. Colorful shades full of vitality are the watchwords for these 4 models with evocative names. The name "Apostrophe" is also not chosen at random. More commonly used in grammatical terms as a linking punctuation, the apostrophe is also a figure of speech designed to challenge its speaker. Like the figure of speech, high-end wallpapers are attention-grabbing. They create a unique visual and artistic apostrophe that will leave a lasting impression.

Plain, linear, gradient or geometric patterns make up this collection of high-end wallpapers. Maisons Sarah Lavoine and Nobilis offer you original wallpapers that arouse your curiosity and delicately reveal your wildest desires. Behind the sofa, as a headboard or in your hallways, add color to your interiors and affirm your style from floor to ceiling. With a flick of the roller, transform your living room into an illusion, your office into a soft and pleasant space like the dawn or immerse your bathroom in 50 shades of blue. You can install the high-end wallpapers on a single wall to draw the eye to that part of the room or on all your walls to create a real harmony. The shades are specifically designed to balance each other and enhance your space with their reflections.

Maison Sarah Lavoine

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