Design and Contemporary upholstery fabrics

What if you chose the fabric for your seats yourself? For unique armchairs, chairs, benches and seats, Maison Sarah Lavoine offers a wide range of fabrics. An exclusive decoration for an interior that reflects your personality, all you have to do is let your creativity express itself and your desires guide you.

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  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Velvet

Fabric Capri Various Colours - Linen

Fabric Milano Various Colours - Cotton / Polyester

Velvet Fabric Moscow Various Colours - Cotton velvet

Fabric Vulcano Various Colours - Cotton

Fabric Lido Various Colours - Cotton / Polyester

Fabric Prague Various Colours - Viscose / Cotton

Fabric Asolo Various Colours - Linen

Fabric Basquiat Various Colours - Cotton

Fabric Marmolada Various Colours - Wool and Cotton

High-end fabrics for personalized decorating

You may have already fallen in love with a particular armchair, chair or ottoman, but its color or the original fabric did not correspond exactly to your search. To avoid any frustration, Maison Sarah Lavoine has developed high-end fabrics that will suit all desires. Creating interiors that resemble you, but above all in which your personality is freely expressed: this is the starting point of the creation process. High-end fabrics in light or dark colors, why choose when you can also have fun mixing colors? A touch of madness that you won't regret.

A sparkling blue illuminated by the softness of ecru, an orange sublimated by its association with white or emerald green highlighted by black, we dare the original combinations for a guaranteed wow effect. Maison Sarah Lavoine pays particular attention to the materials and quality of its products. Indeed, all fabrics are made in Europe. A unique know-how and a knowledge transmitted by passionate craftsmen, here are the secrets of Maison Sarah Lavoine's high-end fabrics. Thanks to your creations, the art of sublimating materials and giving back its nobility to old fabrics is perpetuated. All you have to do is choose the fabric and colors that will accompany your daily life and all your moments of happiness.

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Designer armchairs
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