Jackets and coats

Short, long, fitted, or oversized, Maison Sarah Lavoine's selection of jackets and coats for women has everything to captivate you. From vibrant, feminine, and timeless designs to comfortable, chic, and pleasant-to-wear materials, the hardest part will be making a choice..

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  • Acetate
  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Viscose

Camel Suede Jacket Camel - Straight cut - Suede leather

Tuxedo Jacket France Black - Straight cut - Acetate / Viscose

Tuxedo Jacket France White - Straight cut - Acetate / Viscose

Tuxedo Jacket France Golden - Straight cut - Acetate / Viscose

Rousseau Striped Jacket Black and White - Straight cut

Kleber Mid-Season Jacket Camel - Cotton

Chic and Refined Women's Jackets

As a finishing touch to an outfit or the centerpiece of a look, the jacket is an essential part of your wardrobe. Whether you prefer understated elegance or innovative boldness, the designs created by Maison Sarah Lavoine cater to all your desires. The France and Liza suit jackets will charm you with their delicacy. While one flaunts its straight cut and sensual neckline, the other highlights your waist with its slightly fitted silhouette. The advantage of these two exquisite pieces? They can be worn both day and night, for classic workdays or festive events. Must-haves for all everyday occasions.

In a more playful and liberated style, the Sienne terry cloth jacket and the Genova jacket bring a touch of color to your wardrobe. With a blend of streetwear and seventies spirit, the Sienne jacket is sure to turn heads. Its soft and comfortable material will be a favorite, whether worn casually with shorts or dressed up with jeans and sneakers. In the same vein, the Genova jacket is perfect for elegant yet informal outfits. Its suede leather gives it a quirky Western look, while its Camel color fits into warm and natural palettes. With these pieces as chic as they are quirky, Maison Sarah Lavoine reaffirms its commitment to creating sustainable and timeless fashion. All information regarding products, sizes, delivery, and returns can be found in their respective descriptions.


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