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Photo Large candle  Passy

Large candle Passy

180,00 euros

The Maison Sarah Lavoine candle collection is growing with a new one ! 

Inside and outside, our large Passy candle 3 wicks will blend in with the decor. Once the delicious scent leaf of fig tree evaporated, it will change personality. From candle, it will become vase, cutlery pot, tealight ...

As the small candle (Passy, Victoires, Bac, Saint Roch, Quinconces & Troisième Avenue candles), the pot was made by the French house Jars and meticulously enamelled by hand.

-1500 grams

Ceramic container

- Mineral wax and 3 wicks 100% cotton

- Fragrance : leaf of fig tree

A classic interpretation of the fig, both fresh and sensual.