A little sunshine on your plate!

Olive oils in the colours of the House

Published on Wednesday, October 26, 2022

For the record...

This year, the return to school has taken on a taste of summer shortened by the mildness of autumn. Therefore, in this season where leaves take on organic hues, Maison Sarah Lavoine offers to embellish your tables and even your dishes with our olive oil bottles elaborated by the expert Alexis Muñoz.

Made in Spain, each bottle contains a different oil according to its color. For Lime Tree Growth color, it is a fresh and light picual oil. Bleu Sarah is more fruity and contains an arbequina oil. Finally the Eucalyptus model reveals intense and sustained notes of cornicabra oil.

Appetizer - Green beans with smoked burrata


Step n°1: Cook 50g of green beans in a pot of salted water for 7 minutes. Then plunge into cold water with ice cubes to stop the cooking and preserve the green color of the beans.

Step n°2: Prepare the toasted hazelnuts in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes at 160°, then crush.

Step n°3 : Prepare also 1/8th of candied lemon by keeping the pulp and removing the seeds. Set aside the skin to be cut into thin strips.

Step n°4: Wash and trim 4g of tarragon.

Step n°5: Mix 200g of liquid cream with 200g of hot milk and 125g of smoked burrata. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper. Pour into a syphon and use a gas cartridge to whip the cream.

Step n°6: Take the green beans and place them on a plate. Pour 2 tablespoons of the lemon confit, the crushed hazelnuts and the tarragon. Add a tablespoon of Picual oil.

Step n°7: Mix everything together and arrange on a plate. Place the smoked burrata chantilly and the lemon peel strips. Season with salt and pepper and add a drizzle of olive oil on top. Enjoy.

Main Course - Salmon Sushi


Step n°1: First to prepare the rice: Rinse 100g of rice until the water is clear. Cook in the cooker with 110g of water. Let stand 15 minutes after cooking.

Step n°2: For the vinegar that will accompany it: Prepare 100g of rice vinegar, boil with 10g of sugar and 5g of salt for 2 to 3 minutes. Let it cool down.

Step n°3: Prepare 80g salmon: remove the bones and cut into cubes.

Step n°4: For the sushi sauce: Use 50g of soy sauce and 50g of sake. Boil the sake and flambé with a blowtorch. Let it cool down and add the soy sauce and 1 teaspoon of grated ginger.

Step n°5: For the sushi topping: prepare ¼ of a ripe avocado cut into thin slices, ¼ of finely sliced pointed cabbage, chopped cilantro and chopped shiso.

Step n°6: For the Japanese omelette: prepare 3 whole eggs, 1 teaspoon of organic blond cane sugar, 1 level teaspoon of soy sauce, 1 level teaspoon of water. Mix the whole, make cook like pancakes. Once the omelette is prepared, cut into thin strips.

Step n°7: Cut the nori seaweed with scissors to make thin strips.

Step n°8: Also prepare your lemon olive oil with 8g lemon juice, 20g Arbequina oil and 1g salt.

Step n°9 : It's time to dress: take the rice to season with a tablespoon of vinegar. Place in a round cookie cutter or in a bowl. 

Step n°10: Add avocado slices seasoned with a pinch of fleur de sel.

Step n°11: Toss salmon with sushi sauce and a pinch of wasabi. Place on top of the avocado and add sesame seeds and a little ginger.

Step n°12: Mix the coleslaw with the lemon olive oil and a little Espelette pepper, the chopped coriander and a pinch of salt. Place on top of the salmon.

Step n°13: Finally, add a dome of Japanese omelette strips, nori seaweed and shiso. Drizzle with olive oil. It's ready!


Dessert - Fig Tart


Step 1: Prepare a Breton shortbread: mix 15g of egg yolk with 30g of sugar. Whip the mixture to white.

Step 2: Add 38g of semi-salted butter at room temperature, then add 50g of flour with 2g of yeast.

Step 3: Make a dough and chill for 2 hours.

Step n°4: Roll out the ball with a rolling pin and bake in a round cookie cutter on a baking sheet covered with baking paper for 15 to 20 min at 160°.

Step n°5: For the cream: prepare 150g of whipping cream with 150g of mascarpone. Add 35g of powdered sugar and ½ vanilla pod.

Step n°6: Put everything in a pastry bag with a pastry bag.

Step n°7: For your fig compote: prepare 15 figs cut in 4, add 2 tablespoons of sugar and cook in a saucepan over low heat for 20 min.

Step n°8: Blend the mixture in a blender and leave to cool for 2 hours in the fridge.

Step n°9: For the dressing: spread the fig compote on the shortbread.

Step n°10: Place the mascarpone cream around the shortbread and place the quartered figs in the center.

Step n°11: Sprinkle with basil leaves and add a drizzle of olive oil. Enjoy.

The pleasure of living is found in simple pleasures...

It is well known. That's why, in this season when the leaves take on organic hues, Maison Sarah Lavoine offers to decorate your table and even your dishes. The gourmet touch you've been waiting for.






A little sunshine on your plate! A little sunshine on your plate! A little sunshine on your plate!
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