After Hours - Ready-to-Wear

Fall-Winter 2020

Published on Friday, September 4, 2020

In all secrecy, from 1920 to 2020

As a nod to the "crazy" period that England experienced in the 1920s, Maison Sarah Lavoine has created After Hours, an elegant, hushed and mysterious collection. 

The After Hours woman

In the 1920's, elegant clothing was the order of the day! The bad boys were chic and had seductive and charismatic women on their arms. The wardrobe of the season therefore plays cheerfully feminine and masculine looks. It is the wardrobe of a woman who assumes and asserts herself in all her roles. Terribly elegant, attracted by the mix of genders, she knows how to bring out the big game and leave room for her femininity.

The three-piece suit, the wool, the chevron, give the "la" and match with floral prints, openwork or more graphic. A collection in the air of time, which shake up the codes and sublimate the silhouettes.

A word from Sarah

The 1920s were a post-war period and a crazy time. The desire for freedom, for creation, this thirst for life that one feels is, in my opinion, particularly inspiring.

It is also a very rich period from an artistic and creative point of view.  Beyond the correspondence of dates, from 1920 to 2020, it is a time when inventiveness and ingenuity allow us to free ourselves from constraints, just like today.

Inspired by England, with its traditional patterns and enigmatic atmosphere, I wanted to infuse our After Hours collection with an assertive, strong and warm character, both in our Design creations and in our Ready-to-Wear wardrobe.

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After Hours - Ready-to-Wear After Hours - Ready-to-Wear After Hours - Ready-to-Wear
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