Art of light

Published on Monday, December 18, 2023

The art of light

"Lighting is crucial. It sets the tone and the spirit of the place, it creates density according to its colour, it sculpts the space... and it makes us beautiful.
and it makes us beautiful. Light contributes to our daily well-being. We need
to feel good. From an architectural point of view, I use light as an additional colour.
in the same way as an additional colour: it can be used as a chisel, brush or eraser to sculpt
to sculpt, emphasise and arrange spaces.
Creating an atmosphere
Luminaires don't just light up a space, they define its atmosphere. A light
softened by a lampshade can warm the atmosphere, while more intense illumination is ideal for functional spaces.

Accentuating style

As well as their practical function, light fittings add a stylistic dimension to a room. From
from imposing chandeliers with a contemporary design to clustered pendant lights that add an artistic
their choice and placement can transform an interior.

Materials and adaptability

The diversity of materials used for lighting fixtures offers a wide range of textures and effects. Glass, metal
glass, metal, ceramic or wood each bring a distinct aesthetic.

Their adaptability, whether as table lamps or pendant lights, means that they can be adjusted to create a variety of

Art of light Art of light Art of light Art of light Art of light
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