Book - Couleurs Sarah

Book - Couleurs Sarah

Published on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

"I have always dreamed in color. And I always strive to make my dreams come true in the smallest details. " - Sarah Lavoine Poniatoswki

"I deeply believe that our attitude says a lot about our ability to embrace life. In our appropriation of color, let's not be too wise! Daring to use color is about letting your instincts speak, listening to your emotions, and keeping your senses alert. "

In this book, the famous designer and interior decorator Sarah Lavoine Poniatoswki shares with us her world, tinged with pure, whole, frank, bright, joyful colors. Timeless colors, colors that last, with evocative names.

To suggest the softness of a Baby Pink, to reveal the depth of a Red Hook, or to explain the success of a Sarah Blue, the author goes back to her childhood, takes us on her travels, to discover the artists who touch her; she tells us about her neighborhood, her family, her need for nature.

Once these colors are tamed, she invites us to explore the immensity of their potential. In Sarah Lavoine's universe, colors are expressed in many ways.

For each color, numerous ranges and examples of creations will allow the most timid to project themselves, to launch themselves and create their own cocoon. Keeping in mind that, in this positive risk-taking, we all have the right to make a mistake! If we make a mistake, it's simple, we start over.

A sensual book, which reminds us that the way we think about our interior highlights our soul, and that it is easy to define one's style if one is sincere.

Book - Couleurs Sarah Book - Couleurs Sarah Book - Couleurs Sarah
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