Carpet one day

Carpet for ever

Published on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Soft, mellow and colourful, the carpet is that comforting Proust madeleine that evokes so many memories and soothes the atmosphere of an interior. Decorated with a dandelion flower or a daisy for the new Herbes Folles Collection, it will bring a free and springtime air into your living room.

Playing with space 

A carpet warms the atmosphere, while delimiting the space. Very useful in the living room, it draws the symbolic boundaries around the furniture, like so many rooms in rooms, and visually enlarges the space.

Handmade by craftsmen

Tufting is an ancestral know-how developed in India. The craftsman implants the textile wicks in a cotton canvas and then, using a strand gun, follows the colours, the design and the different heights of the wicks. This hand-made process gives the carpet more thickness and comfort.

Carpet one day Carpet one day Carpet one day
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