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Elegant work

Published on Thursday, September 9, 2021

A room used as a tote bag where piles of paper invade the space for some or a multitude of books drawn in a majestic library for others... In any case, the office, often forgotten before, has never been as important as it was in 2021. Yes, but how do you furnish an office? 

Office furniture, the centrepiece.

The latest addition to the Essence collection: the desk! As elegant as it is functional, the Essence desk hides a discreet drawer lined with velvet and clever storage units behind a woven rattan door. An essential piece for working from home while asserting your style. Place it against a wall or in the centre of your room depending on the size of your space. If the size of the room allows it, don't hesitate to choose a large desk. This will make the room look bigger!

Sit comfortably.

While our tastes are the first part of the job when it comes to making choices, the first thing to think about is the position in which we are about to spend several hours. Make sure it is the most ergonomic one, i.e. with a straight back and feet flat on the floor. Armchair, chair or even ottoman all depend on the size of the room. If the room is not large, choose a chair or ottoman for better circulation and to avoid cluttering up the space. For the lucky ones with a large room, then anything is possible! You can then opt for a chair on one side of the desk and two ottomans on the other side if you need to make appointments.

Never enough storage space.

To avoid being invaded by supplies and papers that fly here and there, the best solution is above all to sort but also to tidy up to hide all those small but sometimes not very aesthetic objects. Chests of drawers andbookcases for generous spaces; consoles and side tables for smaller spaces. Don't hesitate to combine pencil pots, trinket bowls and baskets and don't forget to decorate your walls with shelves to combine the useful with the pleasant, or even posters! Don't forget the famous TO DOs in pretty notebooks to get organised. For the nomads, our leather computer pouch to protect your computer with elegance.

Above all, the main thing is that you feel good there. Warm up the atmosphere with a pretty candle, a perfume diffuser or a table lamp. So many small details that will allow you to make the space your own and enjoy working in it.

So would you prefer an improvised team office in the middle of the living room or a well-ordered team room in its own right? 

Elegant work Elegant work Elegant work
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