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Hang it all

Make your walls come alive

Published on Thursday, March 26, 2020

"Paintings, photos, drawings, posters, polaroids, photographs...
I hang everything I can on the walls, since always!
Sometimes densely, leaving almost no free space.
Sometimes in a light way, with only one beautiful piece.
The walls say a lot about us" - Sarah Lavoine Poniatoswki

Dress your walls with mirrors, posters, drawings, photos to animate them and bring them to life. A true decorative element in itself, a mirror gives depth and light to a room. Placed in front of a window, it offers new perspectives to your interior. 

Invitation to travel, posters dress up your walls with colors and give them character... 

As for the "L'Instant Suspendu" box set, it can be placed above a headboard or to dress a section of wall. Handmade, these ceramic rice grains are like a work of art to be composed according to your desires.

Don't hesitate to dress up your walls, mix and match combinations to give life to your interiors. It's up your turn !

Hang it all Hang it all Hang it all
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