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Published on Wednesday, January 13, 2021

For its Design collections or interior architecture projects, the company supports its initiatives and anchors its primary DNA in the long term: designing sustainable and timeless products that draw on the unique expertise of craftsmen.

"Today, we can no longer dissociate the creation of an object from its impact on the environment. It is a whole that we must consider from the very beginning of the reflection and which allows us to create products that are aesthetic, design, modern and respectful of the planet. This is my commitment, for us and for our children. We don't pretend to be perfect, but the ideas and the will to change things are there, well anchored in us". Sarah Poniatowski

1. Shorter and shorter production cycles

We have always favoured short circuits and local manufacturing. 80% of our products are made in Europe, of which nearly half are made in France : Auvergne, Corrèze, Normandy, Paris region or Drôme where the workshops of Maison Jars, a renowned ceramist who makes our ceramic tableware collections, are located.

2. The preservation of craftsmanship and unique know-how

Echoing the demands of architecture, our desire is to support and enhance the value of work and sustainable creation. We collaborate with French Living Heritage Companies (EPV label) and work with a network of carefully selected "partner" craftsmen with unique know-how.

Each piece, each creation testifies to the meticulousness of the gestures and the transmission of ancestral techniques and exceptional know-how.

3. The work of natural materials for a responsible production 

Of natural or organic origin, we favour the use of materials with a low environmental impact. Rattan, Rabane, Linen, Veta Vera or Ceramic, these noble and "living" materials give a unique character and durability to our design objects while allowing for responsible production.

For the Essence collection, for example, the noble woods used come from reforested plantations. All the waste generated during manufacturing is subjected to a rigorous recycling process and each scrap is recovered and recycled into chipboard or medium panels.

And on the ready-to-wear side, all of our t-shirts, sweaters and scarves are made of organic cotton and our jeans are Eco-Wash certified. Fewer chemicals, less water for a better protection of the environment.

4. Optimized packaging and an ecological delivery service 

"Because there are no small gestures", Maison Sarah Lavoine fights for environmentally friendly consumption. We have reduced the use of plastic in our packaging by 80%. The packaging of our products is optimized to use a minimum of material. 

Bubble wrap is replaced by kraft paper, textiles and household linen are packed in organic cotton pouches and the packaging cartons are made of recycled cardboard and are recyclable.

In Paris, our deliveries are offered by 100% electric courier by bicycle or car.

5. Our fight against plastic pollution 

Maison Sarah Lavoine has been supporting the No More Plastic Foundation for 3 years and is committed to the fight against plastic pollution. Every day, we become more and more aware that the ecological impact is overwhelming.

WE REDUCE harmful plastic packaging in order to eliminate 100% of single-use plastics

WE ADOPT more sustainable consumption and production patterns

WE SHARE best practices with our teams and suppliers.

WE MAKE OUR CUSTOMERS and the general public aware of the issues of plastic pollution.

WE DEVELOP plastic-free products in partnership with No More Plastic.

Maison Sarah Lavoine

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