The sofa, the centerpiece of your living room

Published on Thursday, May 2, 2019

Majestic, enthroned in the middle of the living room, inhabiting the space and inviting to laziness, the sofa is undoubtedly the main decorative element of the living room, both by its size and by its importance. Yes, but which one to choose and how to choose it?

The sofa, this essential piece of decoration.
Essential to our comfort because we often spend long moments sitting or lying down, but also to that of our guests that we like to see well installed when we receive them, the sofa is the flagship element of our living room. 
It is therefore essential to take the time to choose it according to its tastes of course but also the space we have, our lifestyles and habits, in order to enjoy it for a long time without getting tired of it. Because let's say it, when we buy a sofa, we sign for a few years...
Finally, it is the sofa that gives the LA in terms of decoration. Indeed, it is the other elements such as armchairs, cushions or plaids that adapt to it and not the opposite.

Choose the size and shape of the sofa.
If our tastes are the first part of the work in terms of choice, it is necessary to take into account above all the size of the room to determine the dimensions of the sofa.When it is not large, we think circulation above all and we opt for a two-seater sofa like our model Noa that we complete with one or two armchairs to form a circle.
If the room is large, everything is possible and you can indulge yourself! You can choose to install two sofas facing each other around the coffee table like our models Box, Super Box, Luna, Yasmine or Milo. Or, if the configuration of the room allows it, to form an angle by placing them in L.
Finally, if you are going to receive guests for several days, there is nothing like a pretty and above all comfortable sofa bed like the Marie or the Box.

Maison Sarah Lavoine has developed with its teams of designers different shapes of sofa designed to satisfy all tastes.
And remember that if the size of the room and the circulation allow it, do not hesitate to choose a large size of sofa. On the contrary, because it will visually give the impression that the room is larger!

From manufacturing to finishing.
Designed in the rules of art by craftsmen in workshops based in France, our sofas have a comfort and quality beyond reproach.
Just like our fabrics which personalize them, made in Italy. Velvet, linen, cotton, jacquard, bouclette, the choice is wide and the range of colors too.
It remains to define the needs of each according to his lifestyle, and his habits preferring dark fabrics or mottled if you have small children or if you like to put your feet on the sofa ...
We also think of our little furry creatures whose passage remains more discreet on a light background than black and finally we enjoy with light colors if we have no constraints.

To each his own sofa in short !

The sofa, the centerpiece of your living room The sofa, the centerpiece of your living room The sofa, the centerpiece of your living room
Maison Sarah Lavoine

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