Black Design and Contemporary Style Side Tables

Maison Sarah Lavoine unveils its selection of black side tables with trendy designs. Sometimes vintage, then industrial or artistic, the tables are designed to accompany all styles of decoration. With rattan, oak and lacquered wood, the timeless black color is sublimated thanks to the know-how of the craftsmen who make them.



  • Rotin
  • Wood

Bedside Table Riviera Black Radish - H65 cm - Wicker / Lacquered wood

Original and elegant black side tables  

Small and discreet, the side table is a piece of furniture that we choose first for its utility. It must be large enough to accommodate a table lamp or smaller to be used as a decorative object. With or without drawers, there again the choices are multiple. But the side table is especially a piece that we like to move. In the living room near the sofa, in an office near an armchair or in the bedroom as a night table, everything is possible. In this selection, black is magnified by the materials that surround it. The oak that makes up the Agape model gives it a sophisticated look. You will also be seduced by its atypical design whose elegant curves bring a touch of extravagance to your space. 

As for the Riviera bedside table, it plays on contrasts by combining a handmade rattan structure with black lacquered steel legs. A sublime mix that will make you travel in the 70s for sure. To accompany it in this temporal journey, the Essence bedside table is the ideal partner. Its small size and its rattan drawer will be the perfect complement to the furniture in your room. In a more sober style, the Kara side table and the Puzzle coffee table are a perfect pair. The steel reinforces the industrial character of one while the oak adds character to the other. Accompanied by table lamps, candle holders and a few books, it's all done !

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