Blue wall lights Contemporary design and style

To bring a touch of light to your interiors, Maison Sarah Lavoine presents its selection of blue wall lamps. Metal, cotton, velvet, lacquered wood or raffia, there is something for every taste and every mood. Discover these high-end decorating accessories that are sure to make an impact. 



  • Cotton
  • Steel

Wall Light Radieuse Blue - H25 cm - Steel - Cotton shade

Wall Light Radieuse Blue - H36 cm - Steel - Cotton shade

Chic and refined blue wall sconces  

In a dark hallway, a dimly lit stairwell or a windowless corner of a room, wall sconces can add a touch of light to your interiors, but also create a subdued atmosphere in the evening. In addition to their usefulness, these objects are also sublime decorative accessories. Design and refined, they bring a touch of sophistication to the walls of your office, kitchen, dining room or bathroom. In the selection of rectangular models, you will be seduced by the Radieuse wall lamp. True to the spirit of Le Corbuisier, it is innovative and creative. The cotton mixes with velvet and its geometric lines promise an artistic and elegant result. For a more natural and warm atmosphere, you will love the half-sphere wall sconces such as the Peaky or the Sperone. Their pretty rounded curves will fit your walls and the raffia material will diffuse the light in a delicate way.

In a more retro style, but just as elegant, the Riviera model in lacquered wood is ideal. Strong colors, a rounded, generous shape and an Italian inspiration dress your walls with a touch of elegance. Whether for your interior or exterior decorations, the lights can be classic, industrial or vintage. Here, blue is found alongside unbleached white or black for decorations that are both colorful and pure. A sense of detail unique to Maison Sarah Lavoine which ensures that each product is as close as possible to your desires.

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