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Oval Dining Table Riviera Black / White - ⌀199 x H74 cm - Carrara marble / Rattan


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Oval Dining Table Riviera

A true object of exception, the Riviera table declines its generous forms in 199 cm length. From now on, easily welcome 6 guests around a piece of character with noble and natural materials. Born from a unique know-how, the Riviera table has a breathtaking Carrara marble top and is enhanced by the combination of handcrafted rattan.

Made in Spain

+ Characteristics

Dimensions : L78 x H29 in
Weight : 164 kg

+ Composition

Carrara marble top (from Italy)
Rattan bottom

+ Maintenance tips

To prevent stains from becoming embedded, it is very important to clean the tray immediately if it becomes dirty. Make it a habit to wash it daily to protect its natural shine and ensure its longevity.

Whatever the type of marble (white, black, veined, breccia...), use a soft cloth or a sponge, moistening them slightly. To avoid scratching the marble, use soft circular movements.

As for products, here are the natural ones recommended:
- Marseille soap: perfect for making the stone shine on a daily basis.
- black soap 
- dishwashing liquid
- Meudon white or Spanish white (for white marble only) 
- terre de Sommières, for grease stains: sprinkle a little on a cloth and gently rub the stain.

+ Deliveries and returns

Delivery in two packages
Two people is necessary for putting together all the pices

Delivery outside Paris and near suburbs, Maison Sarah Lavoine offers a standard delivery, at the foot of the house without resumption of packaging.
For a delivery upstairs, thank you for contacting customer service.

This fragile product can be packaged in suitable non-ecological packaging.
Upon receipt, you have 15 days to send us your return request.

The Material

Worked in Spain, in a workshop with exceptional know-how, by renowned craftsmen, our rattan displays warm and changing tones depending on the slats that are each held together by hand. A technical feat that adorns several of our iconic pieces, such as the Riviera mirror or the Riviera table, whose majestic base supports a marble top. Authentic as a decorative art, the rattan work gives each creation its unique character.

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