Paint Color Eucalyptus - SL33


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More colourful than a khaki, Eucalyptus is an undergrowth green, a landscape green in the manner of a painting by Nicolas Poussin or Gustave Doré. This pictorial and poetic shade, quite masculine, blends marvellously well with warm whites.

Our range of 42 colors, composed by our iconic Bleu Sarah, tells our love for colours. Passionate, our founder Sarah Lavoine, has imagined with Ressource Peintures a range of bright and timeless colours which awaken and magnify spaces with power. 

Ressource Peintures is a family business, with the French heritage label, which produce french and eco-friendly paints from Provence.

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Please order your paintpots directly in our boutiques or at our partner Ressource. Our advisers will know how to recommand you and to propose you the best finsihes to sublimate your decors. 

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