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Mother's Day Selection

Are your things ready?
We touch with the eyes...
Choose one...or not
Don't forget your bag!
Have you washed your hands?

These loving injunctions have rocked our childhoods. Today, offer them with humor and especially with tenderness for Mother's Day.



  • Ceramic
  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Linen
  • Matt coated paper
  • Suede
  • Velvet
  • Wax
  • Wood

Gift box - Choose one... or not Set of 5 varnishes

Gift box - Did you wash your hands ? Hand & Body Liquid Soap - Hand & Body Cream

Gift box - Are your things ready ? Toilet bag peaky and royal varnish

Gift box - Touching with the eyes ! Tray Bleu Sarah Basile and Large Candle Victories

Gift box - Don't forget your bag ! Shoulder bag Barth Bleu Sarah Mini - Candle Victoires Songe d'Orient  250gr

Candlestick Diane Off white - H10 cm - ø11 cm - Ceramic

Tray Basile Pousse de Tilleul - ø40 cm - Lacquered wood

Candlestick Slavic Blue Sarah - H20 cm - Ceramic

Round Box Harmony Bleu Sarah - ⌀20 x H15 cm - Lacquered

Belt Laurina Bleu Sarah - One Size - Cotton

Sneakers Claudia Bleu Sarah - Leather / Suede

Keychain Barth Bleu Sarah - 24 carat gold

Jewelry box Esmee W17 x D17 x H12 cm - Lacquered wood

Nail Polish Red Chilli - 10 ml - Vegan / Made in France

Candlestick Slavic Jasmine - H25 cm - Ceramic

Box Eclipse Poppy - ⌀10 x H13 cm - Lacquered

Planter Sicilia Various colors - H6 x D6 cm - Veta vera

Cushion Voiles Coral - 20 x 12 in - Cotton velvet

Teapot Sicilia Bleu Sarah - 1,5L - Ceramic

Tray Basile Broadway Blue - ø50 cm - Lacquered wood

Leather Pouch Bleu Sarah - 24,5 x 17 cm - 100% cow leather

Cushion Abstract Sun - 42 x 42 cm - Cotton

Candle holder Daria Various Colours -⌀8cm - Ceramic

Passport Case Bleu Sarah - 21,3 x 13,7 cm - 100% cowhide

Round Box Labyrinth Pistachio - ⌀15 x H10 cm - Lacquered

Candlestick Castiglione Bleu Sarah - H10 cm - ø8 cm - Ceramic

Sicilia magazine rack H11 cm x ø9,5 cm - Ceramic

Nail Polish Base and Top Coat - 10 ml - Vegan / Made in France

Cushion Tuileries Aqua - 40 x 30 cm - Linen / Cotton

The Suspended Moment Different colors - L11 x l3 cm - Ceramic

Candle Bac Blackcurrant Wood - 250 g - Ceramic

Basket Sicilia Various Colours - H2 x D10 in - Veta vera

Matchbox Labyrinth Bleu Sarah - 113 x 60 x H20 mm - Recycled materials

Candlestick Slavic Pistachio - H30 cm - Ceramic

Basket Tressé Various Colours - H2 x D10 in - Veta vera

Cushion Double Jeu Pistachio - 40 x 55 cm - Cotton velvet

Trinket Bowl Sicilia Various Colours - ø25 cm - Ceramic

Poster Paris Black & White Coated paper 170g - 30 x 40 cm

Box Esmee W15 x D15 x H10 cm - Lacquered wood

Celebrating mothers: what to give her for this special day?

Mother's Day is always a nice challenge for anyone who is looking for a gift off the beaten track. A candle holder, a home decoration item, a varnish ... ? Each creation from Maison Sarah Lavoine is designed to become a gift, a gesture of attention. In order to live up to this loving relationship, we have selected for your mothers and wives, beautiful high-end objects that will make them happy: a jewelry box on a bedside table in the bedroom, a candle with a delicate scent to enhance the muffled atmosphere of the living room, a pocket organizer to hold your daily essentials: keys, lipstick... Indeed, a simple accessory can make a difference.

You love luxury items, it's a fact and you take after your mother. That's why, to thank her for passing on her good taste, Maison Sarah Lavoine has put together a series of high-end gift boxes of iconic pieces to give her for Mother's Day. The hardest part will be not to buy them twice and keep them for yourself! You can choose among the beautiful cushions, the one that will brighten up the living room sofa for a moment of cocooning relaxation. At tea time, the tray will welcome a pretty teapot declined in harmonious colors. It is always a challenge to find the rare pearl to the one who claims to need nothing.  To welcome the flowers she loves, choose our vases. To dress up her bathroom, the baskets and baskets will be perfect to store her beauty essentials like nail polish, soap or body cream. Whether your mother or wife is a decorating aficionado, in need of a zen interior, or a fashionable mother, Maison Sarah Lavoine offers a trendy and refined fashion choice: Barth bag, sneaker, key ring, belt. Shopping day: she will leave with the Bandana tote-bag that you have chosen for her. Alert " Bleu Sarah " your moms deserve our iconic designs that follow and resemble her. So many gift possibilities to prove to her that she was missing out on certain desires. Our mom is a key part of your life, we owe her special attention. When the choice is delicate we can always count on her... It's the gift card.  

Take care of them as they take care of you! All our high-end pieces are made with respect for the craftsmen and according to our ethical charter.

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